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As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Medical Aesthetician I help you improve overall wellbeing through personalized nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle coaching.
From Within
Combining optimal nutrition and medical aesthetics treatments to achieve maximum results Combining optimal nutrition and aesthetics treatments to tackle the route cause and achieve maximum results.

Prioritize Your Wellness

Skin & Beauty

An inside out approach to skin and beauty. Whether you are dealing with severe skin conditions or simply looking to improve complexion, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Medical Aesthetician I am uniquely positioned to help you get to the root cause of skin issues and deal with them both internally and externally.


Optimal nutrition intake combined with the right lifestyle choices can dramatically improve your overall well-being and help prevent chronic disease. A one-on-one personalized approach to your nutrition to give you the tools you need to understand, improve, and sustain your nutrition.


Everyone knows they should eat healthy and exercise, but it’s ultimately a shift in mindset that allows you to achieve it. By introducing suitable lifestyle options that improve overall wellbeing, my goal is to help you get in the mindset of investing in yourself and prioritizing it.

very helpful and understanding

Struggled with various things such as body weakness and fatigue, I definitely feel very good and energized after being taken care of by Lana! She is very helpful and understanding, you can message her at any time of the day and she replies quick!


Very Passionate

She s super welcoming, positive and knowledge in what she does. You can definitely see that she is passionate in what she does. I have voiced out my problems, and we really tackled every point that I wanted to improve on. She explains the purpose of each supplement she suggests which helps me understand this process more. She is available for any help regarding nutrition, especially when you are at a grocery store and you have burning questions that you want answered. Would recommend 110%


Most knowledgeable

Lana has single handed made the complex and often muddled world of holistic nutrition a BREEZE to work through! I trust Lana not only because she is a dear friend of mine but also because I find her professional advice highly regarded, unbiased, knowledgeable and most importantly, extremely valuable. Lana not only listens whole-heartedly to your nutritional journey but she takes into account every aspect of your well being to create a holistic, all-encompassing nutritional opinion that I promise... will go a long way in your health journey! Lana is pleasant, reliable, and above all - amazing at what she does. I would recommend her time and time again.


Very Helpful

I loved that I knew Lana was into nutrition based on her personal lifestyle and helpful online posts. That's what lead me to reach out to her and see how my life could benefit from her input. I'm pretty skeptical about any quick fix or false advertisements when it comes to health, but once I jumped on a call with Lana I knew right away that she had done her homework. Very easy to talk to and accessible for when random questions/thoughts arise. Highly recommend her services whether you have no idea where to start or just need that push in the right direction !



Lana is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and positive. I thoroughly enjoyed my nutritional consultation experience and highly recommend Lana's services!


Great Experience

I've been inconsistently on a wellness journey when I found Lana serendipitously through Instagram. I connected with her content and found a lot of similarities. For example I was struggling with a caffeine addiction and Lana had successfully stopped drinking coffee for a number of years. I felt inspired to quit drinking coffee, like I could do this! I followed Lana's recommendations and removed this habit from my life which has completely shifted my energy levels. Working together on my protocol was extremely valuable and has contributed to noticeable health benefits. My quality of sleep has significantly improved and my daily anxiety has noticeably lessened, especially in the last few weeks. Lana is a significant part of my wellness journey and I am very blessed to have found her!



A full nutritional assessment and delivery of personalized protocol to help you optimize your wellbeing.

In-home pantry raid in combination with a personalized grocery trip & plan.

Weekly check-in coaching calls & unlimited answers to your questions to make sure you are hitting your goals.

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