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About Me

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I take into consideration that all individuals have a unique biochemistry. Assessing diet, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, energy levels, sleep, stress, environment, genetic predispositions, and more. By working with me you can be assured that I am determined to get to the root cause of illness, not just mask the symptoms.


As a teen and young adult, I had silky smooth skin. Suddenly, at the age of 24 I found myself getting major breakouts. I thought it was only temporary and it would clear up quickly. Unfortunately, it got a lot worse before it got better.

I would soon find myself seeking relief through a variety of avenues, visiting multiple aestheticians and dermatologists, and undertaking aggressive skin treatments. Nothing helped. In fact, it would just cause more scarring.

After carefully reviewing my nutritional intake and aesthetics treatments, I finally started to find relief with the right combination of diet, lifestyle, supplements, and select treatments.

Shortly after I enrolled into the International Beauty Institute for Advanced Medical Aesthetics with the intention to combine the two areas of expertise that helped me heal my skin: holistic nutrition and medical aesthetics. As a licenced professional in both of these areas, I am uniquely positioned to first help you get to the internal root cause of your skin issues, and also treat them externally at the same time.


Proactive vs. Reactive

Unlike conventional medicine, a holistic approach to health and nutrition places much more emphasis on being proactive about your health and preventing disease, rather than reacting once it has occurred. By equipping clients with a solid understanding of diet, healthy lifestyle habits, how to read ingredients, certain products to avoid, etc., my goal is to establish a strong foundation that makes it simple to be proactive about your health.

You Are Unique

There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition. People are all different, and there are a number of factors that affect overall health and nutrition as we age, and for that reason any successful nutrition plan will start with an in depth understanding of you; your genetic predispositions, lifestyle, stress, trauma’s, diet etc.

Skin From Within

Treating skin conditions is no easy task and getting to the route cause can be even more difficult. After years of battling my own skin conditions, dozens of failed remedies, and thousands of dollars spent, I found my solution through a combination of improving digestion and aesthetics treatments. My goal is to help you identify and address underlying issues so that treatments like micro needling, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion can be much more effective.

Health is a Habit

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is about prioritizing yourself and building the right habits. Once we truly understand and believe that health is the top priority in our lives, forming the correct habits to put that belief into practice becomes second nature. Focusing on dropping old unhealthy habits and replacing them with new healthy ones is an excellent starting point.

Getting to The Root Cause

Only treating the symptoms is often a sure way to miss the root cause. Symptoms are your bodies way of communicating with you, and effectively preventing them requires an in depth understanding of the root cause.

Intuitive Eating

Go ahead, eat that donut! Treat yourself…just understand when it’s okay, and when you’re overdoing it. Working with clients to identify triggers for overeating and guilt and reframing to re-establish a healthy relationship with all foods by using mindful eating tips is fundamental to sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Lana Holistics evolved from my devotion to health and wellness which started after experiencing a series of health obstacles at the age of 15. Four years later, after numerous doctors’ visits, and tons of prescriptions for IBS, at the age of 19 I would be diagnosed with two endocrine tumors. Removing them took a 9 hour surgery.

After my Surgery, there were a series of complications that resulted in a 45-day hospital stay that nearly took my life. Upon being given a new chance at life, I found myself on a long road to recovery that I knew would not be effective on a hospital diet of Jell-O, orange juice, and TV dinners. After starting to eat real food again, I started to regain my strength, and realized the importance of what you put inside of your body. I felt empowered and knew then and there that I had to take my health into my own hands and started to research on how to heal myself from within.

In 2015, I discovered the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, by which point I was already the family nutritionist, ingredient police, and raiding cupboards for processed foods. I realized that by becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I could devote my life’s work to what my personal journey has taught me is the most important thing in life; your health.

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